Buying guide

What do I need to look for when choosing a yacht?


Our experts help you to identify your unique requirements for any luxury yacht purchase, guiding you through the process of shortlisting and viewing potential yachts for sale until the perfect match is found.

Once we have identified the vessel that fits your needs, West Nautical plays an instrumental role in achieving a successful agreement, including arranging sea trials, valuations and a thorough survey. We handle many aspects of the negotiation phase on the clients’ behalf, working with their lawyers and advisers through to successful completion.

West Nautical works hand-in-hand with our clients to guide and advise on every aspect of the purchase, including identifying operational management requirements and support for their acquisition. Ultimately, our objective is to ensure that the process is smooth and trouble-free, with the client achieving their goal of purchasing the private yacht of their dreams.


Yachts come in all shapes and sizes. The West Nautical team are well versed in advising potential owners in making the right purchase.


Making an informed decision about what yacht to choose should begin with looking at how you will use the vessel and where you would like to sail. Some yachts are well suited to cruising at speed along the French Riviera, whilst others are truly “go-anywhere” explorer yachts, capable of breaking through ice, albeit at a slightly slower speed!

The size of yacht you buy will be fundamental to your experience on the water. Larger yachts are likely to have multiple spaces to entertain, whilst smaller yacht will be capable of getting into smaller harbours; making the town quays of the Amalfi coast accessible directly from your yacht, for example.

The style of yacht you buy is likely to be a more instinctive decision. Some owners are drawn to the more traditional lines of a vintage gentleman’s cruiser, whilst others look for sleek modern lines. As we get to know you, we can point you in the direction of designers and yards that suit your tastes.

Range is a major consideration for some yacht buyers that are considering taking extended cruises to more far-flung destinations, but don’t forget, yachts with shorter range can be re-located to virtually anywhere in the world by a transport ship.

Considering any specifics that you would like on board at the start of your search will help rule out any unsuitable yachts early on in the process. For example, if you would like to operate a helicopter on deck, there are very specific requirements depending on the helicopter type to be operated.

A yacht’s history is important to consider. Maintenance is one important area that will dictate when the yacht is likely to need an extended period out of the water for work to be conducted for example.

The West Nautical team is your dependable partner in yacht purchase, here to inform and advise.


Different Types of Yacht


Motor Yachts

Motor yachts are those which primary means of propulsion comes from an engine. Due to their being no sails so worry about, motor yachts tend to be particularly well suited to entertaining due to there being fare more usable space both above and below decks. Ranging enormously in size, some motor yachts can squeeze into tiny village harbours, whilst others offer a vast amount of entertaining space and incredibly luxurious accommodation.


Sailing Yachts

Sailing yachts remain very popular for charter, principally because their main means of population is the wind, giving a unique sensation with a total absence of engine noise. Sailing yachts will also have an engine should there be no wind, meaning you can still get where you want to go, though not as fast as on a motor yacht! Some larger sailing yachts match motor yachts in their facilities on board, but generally there is less space in relation to the length of the yacht. A sailing yacht charter is a unique and timeless mechanism to explore the world.


Expedition Yachts

Expedition yachts are built with serious cruising to the wilder corners of the earth in mind. Having much greater range than sportier yachts, some can even break through ice. Often more traditional in style, they are perfect for an ambitious charter to locations such as the Antarctic, Chile or Norway. However far you wish to go, an explorer yacht will take you there.


Classic Yachts

Classic yachts come with a history of their own as standard, whilst many are lovingly maintained by passionate owners, giving a very special feel when aboard. Whilst some classics have less space than modern yachts on board, many have been sympathetically upgraded, modern amenities such as air conditioning having been carefully hidden away. Yachts used by the likes of Winston Churchill are available for charter, whilst others, such as the Gucci family’s Creole had fascinating past lives as minesweepers during the Second World War.



Catamarans are yachts with two hulls joined together. Usually powered by sail, they offer more space than a conventional sailing yacht, and so are perfect for a relaxed cruise with friends and family. Due to having two hulls, Catamarans stay flat on the water, and so offer a very stable ride with an enormous amount of outdoor space.