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Rena Umut Kocau

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U-Boat Navigator

Rena Umut Kocau | 24m | 2008 | 6

Cruising Areas

Summer - High season charter rates: € 139,000 / week


Boat and Yacht Charter in Greece and Turkey

Greece and Turkey

Western Mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean

Winter - Low season charter rates: € 120,000/ week


More than 80% of the ocean is unmapped, unobserved and unexplored. Very few people will have the privilege of exploring the depths beneath the waves in their lifetime, but U Boat Navigator can make this dream a reality.

U Boat Navigator is a one-of-a-kind explorer and dive support vessel available for charter through West Nautical. U Boat Navigator is completely unique on the market today and is the perfect solution to a standalone explorer charter or as a charter support vessel to another superyacht.

Involved in the initial discovery of hundreds of wrecks and well over 500 submarine expeditions, U Boat Navigator is a celebrated yacht and team in the underwater exploration industry, taking part in world famous dives and documentaries and consulting on submarine affairs worldwide, including the superyacht industry. U Boat Navigator offers charter guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive to depths of up to 1,000 meters and explore historic wrecks from the safety and comfort of a proven Triton submersible, and at the same time have their experience immortalised in a professional video.

U Boat Navigator is also the perfect charter vessel for guests who love scuba diving. The vessel is equipped with the very latest personal diving equipment including nitrox and trimix mixing panel and a custom-made wet diving bell with automatous hydraulic crane and surface supplied gases, operating to a depth of 100 meters. This enables divers to dive to wrecks that are usually out of reach, and enjoy their time on the seabed more and return at appropriate speed comfortably to the surface from the safety of the bell. Diving equipment also includes four professional sea scooters. On the lower deck there is a custom-made four-person decompression chamber, a gas filling station with the capability of filling all types of breathing mixtures for the appropriate depths for both submarine and scuba dives, thus allowing for months of autonomous diving, and a medical station.

Inside, guests can enjoy the large bridge salon with interactive chart/dive plotting table where during dives they can watch the live video links from the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) which streams directly to the media room. On the exterior, the vessel has the benefit of a large superyacht-style covered flybridge complete with lounging area, bar and alfresco dining options. The flybridge also benefits from having a large projector screen on which guests are able to enjoy movies and clips of the day’s diving filmed by the professional media team onboard. U Boat Navigator can also accommodate six guests in three ensuite cabins.

The media team onboard will shoot and edit a professionally made 2-minute, 4k quality video of the charter for all 7+ day charters, with longer videos and different edits being available under further negotiation. Safety is always the priority amongst the 6-man crew, with the onboard doctor being fully certified to use the advanced medical equipment, including the decompression chamber.

Based in Malta, the vessel has access to all wrecks and dives sites in Maltese, Italian and Greek waters.


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Exterior Gallery

Interior Gallery

Principal Characteristics

Brand :

Rena Umut Kocau

Dimensions :

24m x 8m

Year :


Max Speed :

9 Knots

Cruising Speed :

7 Knots

Guests & Layout

Number of Cabins :


Sleeps :


Crew :


Bed Arrangement :

U-Boat Navigator has 3 ensuite guest cabins single beds with fixed bunk beds above them.

Deck Equipment

6 person decompression chamber with a hatch for 2 people :


Multibeam sonar system (can be mounted to ROV) :


X-ray System :


Ultrasound System :


Articulating deck crane :


A frame deck crand for submersables :


Wet Diving Bell with autonomous hydrolic crane :


Projector on Flybridge :


Interactive chart/dive plotter table in the main salon :


Multibeam SONAR :


Full professional camera and video equipment for above and below water filming in 4k Ultra High Definition :


BBQ and Grill on outside decks :


Water Sports Equipment

Submersible :

Triton 3300/3 Submersible (max operation depth of 1,000 meters)

Submersible :

Triton 3300/1 Submersible (used for safety, video shooting and additional lighting etc)

Submersible :

Wet Diving Bell with automatous hydraulic crane (max operation depth of 100 meters)

Submersible :

Ageotec Person GTV remotely operated underwater vehicle with live link to media room (max operation depth of 1,500 meters)

Tender(s) :

5.7m RIB with 115HP outboard

Jet Ski(s) :

Sea-Doo SPARK Jetski

Stand out features

2 Submarines including Triton 3300/3 3-person Submersible

Professional diving setup for 6 persons including tri-mix

ROV with live video link to an onboard media room

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