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EDGE yacht design team | 114m | 2020 | 12

€ 200,000,000



The 114m Endurance is a design concept like no other; she travels to places others may have gone before but sets new standards in style, comfort and design in the increasingly popular mega-sail yacht market.

Endurance, independence, simplicity, safety and practicality form the basis of the design of this ground breaking expedition yacht .

A luxury sailing yacht with both the capability and the capacity to embark on extended cruising through the more remote areas of the world’s oceans. Endurance has the capability to cruise unassisted for three months. She carries sufficient stores for the owner and guests along with a crew of 35 for 90 days. She has an incredible range of 6,000 miles at 16 knots.

With her range, interior facilities, capacities and seaworthiness she will provide the owner with a perfect platform to explore the oceans of the world in comfort and safety. She is equally at home in the harsh conditions of the Antarctic as in the glamorous resorts of the Mediterranean where she is sure to be the most impressive yacht in the bay.

Endurance is at the cutting edge of innovation, designed by the design team known as ‘EDGE’, a collaboration between, Lars van Dinther, Dykstra Naval Architects, Mark Berryman Design, Steve Howard Consulting and Moore Yacht Design.

Everything about Endurance is unique, setting new standards for years to come.

The general arrangement design illustrated here gives an indication of what can be achieved with this yacht but the layout has the possibility of being customised in many different ways to suit the owner’s individual preferences.

Price of €200,000,000 is to be confirmed depending on the final design and shipyard.


Sail handling

  • Hydraulic furling (in mast/head stay)
  • Hydraulic furling main (in boom)
  • Electric/Hydraulic captive sheet winches
  • Electric/Hydraulic open sheet winches
  • Electric open halyard winches
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Exterior Gallery

Interior Gallery

  • Endurance luxury yacht salon (alternate view)
  • Endurance luxury yacht salon

Principal Characteristics

Brand :

EDGE yacht design team

Dimensions :

114m x m

Year :


Cruising Speed :

16 Knots

Guests & Layout

Sleeps :


Crew :


Deck Equipment

Chains and Anchors :

1 Anchor aft

Chains and Anchors :

2 Anchors forward

Rudders :

2 Becker rudders

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