Yacht Servicing

West Nautical’s Yacht Servicing

West Nautical has an experienced yacht servicing team that covers all areas of yacht care and use – from engineering and maintenance to captains and crew – who can carry out full checks using their skills and connections, along with a network of independent surveyors and technicians who can give multiple reports and quotes about each boat with full transparency and clarity.


We’re aware of the fact that rigid schedules might never be possible, and that plans can change overnight, but we aim to keep any refit periods as short and smooth as possible no matter the situation or how sudden it is.
If you are on a schedule, out dedicated teams can take care of all yacht servicing duties and contact with third-party groups or individuals, leaving your captain to their work without interrupting their duties or getting in their way unless absolutely necessary.

Yacht Servicing
Without regular yacht servicing checks, it can be hard to judge how well your yacht is working or if there are any immediate issues that need to be fixed.
At West Nautical, we work with all members of the crew – as well as the owner – to get an overview of any technical issues or strange ‘quirks’ the yacht seems to have, assist with the recording of these issues and the process of upgrading or repairing them, and managing insurance in the event that a claim needs to be made.
We will also ensure that regular checks are carried out where possible by the crew and, on occasion, third parties, to prevent unexpected issues arising from long-term problems.
West Nautical will also arrange bi-annual technical inspections of every system on the yacht alongside the crew, with said systems being reviewed separately monthly – all managed via our ‘Maintenance Manager’ tools, which reduces the need for expensive third-party systems and keeps all service and maintenance records in one place.
The yacht owner, or a guest, can request an upgrade or adjustment of an existing system at any time, which can be worked on whilst the crew are busy, making it more cost-effective and saving time that can be spent using the yacht elsewhere. When it comes to the overall analysis and results of the service checks, our teams will work on them collectively, then submit them directly to the owner as-is.
Our main focuses whilst performing servicing are to prevent future issues, carry out routine checks for safety, and deal with any immediate issues or hazards that are openly visible or documented. Preventative checks are often prioritised, as they are vital in keeping the yacht seaworthy and safe enough to use. Even with this servicing, the yacht will need to be certified by flag registries and classification societies, and West Nautical will collaborate with these groups to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Refitting a yacht can be tricky, and requires careful management and planning – as well as constant evaluation – which can turn into a schedule or budget nightmare very quickly.
West Nautical has a management division full of people experienced enough to become management partners for yacht owners, taking control of the process to keep it as quick and cheap as possible without leaving things out or cutting corners. The members of our technical team are equally experienced in the practical aspects of a refit, making them excellent for owners who aren’t confident that they fully understand what may or may not be needed.
At West Nautical, we always start by asking you what you need and want and base our plans off of that. Every plain, quotation, refit and appraisal will be shown directly to you, so you’re always in the loop no matter what. Even the most ambitious refit projects will be carried out to the best of our abilities.