Technical Services

West Nautical’s yacht technical services team

Comprising experienced engineers, captains and surveyors, our team have an impressive collective knowledge pool of trusted and proven service agents, yards, facilities and technicians that are contacted to supply multiple quotations, provided to the yacht and owner with full transparency.


We understand that the nature of yachting means that many superyacht schedules remain uncertain, and we can assist your captain and the shipyard with the smooth running of any refit period.

Our diligent ongoing management of your superyacht’s planned maintenance schedule and operations throughout the year means that we can take care of the preparation of work lists, requests for quotation and scheduling, allowing the captain to focus on their operational duties.


Technical Management

To protect the value of your asset, as well as ensure the safety of any guests onboard, regular maintenance periods are essential.

West Nautical can work closely with the Owner, Captain, Engineer and crew to understand the details of all the technical issues onboard, assisting with the recording and accounting for any upgrade, defect or concern as applicable, as well as dealing directly with insurers in the event that any claims or repairs are needed.

West Nautical will ensure that routine maintenance is conducted at all times, assist with creating shipyard proposals, specification reviews and can oversee any refit periods upon request.

West Nautical will conduct bi-annual technical inspections of the entire yacht and its systems, in conjunction with the crew. The planned maintenance systems will be reviewed monthly, and any issues or concerns identified and worked on productively. There is also the facility within our bespoke management software to integrate the vessels planned maintenance routines into a ‘Maintenance Manager‘ application, a completely customisable maintenance interface which removes the need for expensive 3rd party systems (such as IDEA and Techman etc), and ensures all records are in one secure, integrated and manageable location.

Any Owner or guest request for an onboard adjustment or upgrade can be reviewed and worked on in the background whilst the crew are busy during the season, saving valuable time and allowing requests to be better appraised and more cost effective. The results and analysis will be worked on collectively prior to submitting proposals to the Owner.

Maintenance comes in many forms, with key differentiations being ‘preventative’, ‘routine’ and ‘breakdown’. It is vital that preventative maintenance is conducted in order to manage costs and minimise the ‘down time’ of the yacht.

Flag registries and classification societies will need to carry out surveys at specific points during the life of the superyacht in order to certify its seaworthiness in conjunction with regulatory and insurance compliance, and we shall work alongside the yacht in all manners to ensure full compliance.


Refit Management 

A yacht refit is a complex business. Without effective management, careful planning and ongoing evaluation; it’s something that can quickly go over budget and schedule.

West Nautical’s management division has the expertise and experience to act as an effective management partner for owners; ensuring the refit is efficient, economical, and involves the minimum of down time.

Our technical team have spent long careers across the marine sector and have excellent contacts across every marine trade. All have both a thoroughly practical appreciation of the refit process and the communication skills to deliver.

The West Nautical approach to refit takes starts with understanding exactly what you want. We will make a detailed plan, make an appraisal of suitable yards for the re-fit, provide detailed quotations, provide logistical assistance, and attend the refit on your behalf. You will always be kept informed.

We embrace even the most ambitious re-fit projects and enjoy seeing an owners vision come to fruition.

We look forward to discussing your re-fit.