Yacht marketing

A comprehensive ‘all bases covered’ marketing strategy is at the heart of West Nautical’s luxury yacht sales operation.


In-House Marketing Team

West Nautical’s dedicated marketing team work closely with our brokers to ensure our portfolio gains the exposure it deserves; in a style befitting of the luxury yachts we list for sale and charter.

Our team get a detailed brief from the yacht Owner of how they wish their yacht to be marketed, whether it is to maxamisie media exposure, or to be selective and discrete.

As an international team, we understand the importance of marketing yachts globally and employ a strategy that reflects our multinational market.

A multi-disciplinary exercise, using a range of advertising mediums, demands a variety of talent; carefully coordinated by our to ensure maximum exposure through a bespoke campaign for each yacht we list. We have a great deal of experience in the subtleties of luxury marketing.


Advertising Agencies & Digital

West Nautical engages renowned advertising agencies to ensure a truly global presence in traditional media, whilst digital advertising partners ensure promotion of your vessel is immediate, as soon as you engage us to handle your yacht sale or charter management.


An Unparalleled Active Client Database

A highly sophisticated market database ensures our grasp of the live luxury yacht market is unparalleled. Clients looking for a yacht like yours can be seen by us. We contact them directly, ensuring a targeted and active effort on your behalf. In parallel, our internationally distributed yacht database ensures your yacht will be seen by each and every broker worldwide.


Web Presence

We know the yacht’s web presence is fundamental to the overall marketing effort. West Nautical have developed a website that’s highly visible on search engines, easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and with a strong visual focus to showcase your yacht. We also ensure we are highly visible on the most popular yachting sites that reflect our market, such as Boat International and Superyachts.com to name two. Seperatley, in agreement with the Owner, we list yachts for sale on Yatco and YachtWorld, and are charter yachts on Charter Index and Yacht Folio, all of which are broker-to-broker business websites that generate most enquiries.


Boat Shows & Yachting Events

West Nautical always has an active presence at major international yachting events. Providing an opportunity to meet those in the market, foster our long standing relationships, and showcase our client’s yachts to their target market. For charter yachts, it is impotant to display the yacht and showcase the crew to retail charter brokers by participating in charter shows such as the MYBA show in Barcelona, and the Antigua charter show. This enables to Captain and crew to show the yacht at its best, for the chef to impress with their culinary skills, and the stewardesses to delivery superb service, all of which is vital for brokers to present the yacht as an option to their clients.

For sales opportunities, the Monaco Yacht Show is the highlight of the year, with other shows being crucial depending on the yachts’ location, such as Fort Lauderdale, Singapore and Thailand. Sales shows enable not only brokers to visit the yacht to partake in a personal tour, but also for direct buyers to come onboard ad get a feel for the yacht.

Pop-up shows and one day events are also crucial for raising awareness to the yachts’ availability on the market, with events such as the Montenegro Charter Show and EPCY Sales and Charter shows in Nice.


Bespoke brochures

A professionally designed brochure remains an excellent way to visually showcase your yacht. Our in-house team has the knowledge and experience to distil your yacht and its specification in print, as well as developing electronic digital brochures for presentation to brokers and clients alike.


 Data & Analytics

An enormous amount of data is accessible by our brokerage team, interpreted using a powerful analytics package, developed in house. We can provide you with updates on viewing numbers, enquiries, and more. Furthermore, this empowers us to ensure the strategy we employ is one that’s constantly evolving- targeted from what we learn.