Crew management

Finding and retaining a superb yacht crew is essential to the smooth running and ultimate owner enjoyment of a superyacht.

At West Nautical, we can take care of your yacht crew selection and recruitment needs, including interviews, reference checking and qualification verification.


Yacht crew employment

West Nautical can employ yacht crew on behalf of the Owners, from an isolated and separate employment company, issuing Guernsey based seafarer contracts. The employment company would be ‘ring fenced’, and be entirely separate and secure.

This service will include creating and issuing MLC compliant Seafarer Employment Agreements, paying crew and issuing pay slips, in addition to answering any questions and arranging for their travel and certification.

In agreement with the Owner, West Nautical can conduct random drug and alcohol testing during their onboard visits in, with all records being made available in full transparency with the Captain and Owner.

As crew employers, West Nautical shall:

  • Liaising with West Nautical’s yacht crew recruitment team as required;
  • Assist Owners and Captains with crew placement;
  • Receive, process, verify and keep on file all crew certificates and next of kin details;
  • Verifying and renewing all crew certificates of competency and licences;
  • Issuing seafarer employment agreements;
  • Assisting and liaising with the captain on employment disputes
  • Facilitate all monthly payroll;
  • Conduct routine crew administration, support and repatriation;
  • Assist with and oversee any crew medical insurance claims;
  • Advise Owners and Captains on any MLC requirement, complaint or grievance raised.


Yacht crew recruitment

With our extensive industry knowledge and connections, West Nautical has a large pool of experienced and qualified captains and yacht crew from which to build your own team.

We work with owners to ensure the best-suited captain, engineers and crew create a strong foundation for the operation of your superyacht, and assist the captain with selection of further crew.

For each position, West Nautical will:

  • Search all available sources for suitable candidates and place adverts as appropriate;
  • Obtain details from applicants on their qualifications and experience;
  • Verify CV, qualifications, references and availability of each applicant;
  • Qualify the applicant is suitable and fulfills the client’s requirements;
  • Present pre-vetted candidates with appropriate certification for the yacht;
  • Conduct pre-interview tests and background checks as appropriate;
  • Organise interviews via phone, video conference or in person;
  • Interview candidates in various languages to test them against the requirements of the client
  • Facilitate joining arrangements as necessary upon job acceptance.


Our Antibes office is open for pre-booked crew interviews between 0900 -1200 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for crew with at least one season experience.

New crew to the industry are welcome on Wednesdays from 0900 – 1230 with no appointment necessary.


If looking for a job, please send us a copy of your latest CV and copies of certificates and qualifications, along with written references and desired job role and contractual requirements to You can also arrange your interview in Antibes via this email.