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Have you thought about setting foot in the world of yachting yet? Take that one little step from the quay onto the gangway and into a world of relaxation, well-being and luxury? Well, if not, then now is the time.

Whether you have always wanted to sail the Seven Seas, explore different countries or simply dive into the world of the most luxurious lifestyle, chartering a yacht is fulfilling all these aspects. Submerge into the adventure of pure freedom and let your soul catch up with you while you slowly travel from coast to coast, beach to beach, town to town, each spot more exciting than the last.

Get pampered by a dedicated and professional crew that chose to work in this field all for the same reasons: to make people happy, offer them the best experience and put a smile on their faces.

We at West Nautical make luxury accessible. Our team of professional, well-travelled Yachting specialists are happy to assist you with your enquiries and guide you through the process from choosing the right vessel, the perfect locations and all travel arrangement for your charter holiday.

We empathise, consider, question and conclude. And then we create a unique package for you. Just as you have always imagined it.

With access to a wide range of different yachts, Motor or Sail, different services and contacts around the world, we are able to create your one-of-a-kind holiday experience for you, your family and friends. Events, honeymoon, corporate charter or simply a family getaway – we assist you in making the right choice and guarantee a time well-spent and unforgettable.

See our selection of charter yachts available here, alternatively contact us and we can make your dream holiday a reality.

For enquries and further information, contact our qualified charter professionals on charter@westnautical.com or click here to see their profiles.

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