West Nautical Approved to Attest Documents for the MCA

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Seafarers aboard yachts have always faced problems when they need to send their documents to the MCA.

The Standards of Certification, Training and Watchkeeping (STCW) Convention requires that if a seafarer is on board a yacht, they must have their original documents with them at all times. With yachts now being actively targeted by Port State Control, there have been a number of detentions of yachts over the past couple of years for this very reason.

Yachts operate very differently to commercial ships where seafarers always work a rotation and have the time to be without their original documentation. Yacht crew wishing to progress further are penalised due to their vacation pattern.

West Nautical are pleased to support the seafarers within their yacht management and charter fleet to progress further in the yachting industry and to make it that little bit easier. For more information, contact West Nautical’s Cannes or United Kingdom offices on management@westnautical.com where we will be happy to help.

by West Nautical