Visit us at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017

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West Nautical will be attending the Monaco Yacht Show 2017, where we shall be presenting three luxury yachts: the newly refitted 60m Benetti “St. David”, luxurious Mulder Bellagio “Silver Rabbit” and 29m Maiora “Aubrey” who will be at anchor.


60M | BENETTI | 2008/2017

  • 12 guests in 6 cabins
  • 15 crew
  • Steel hull with aluminium superstructure
  • Transatlantic range of 4,280 nm
  • Exterior and interior design by Andrew Winch
  • Cruising speed of 13 knots
  • A real charter machine with 10+ weeks booked every year
  • Undertook a thorough and extensive 2017 refit which included complete repainting, brand new glass throughout and many other technical works and modifications
  • The list of performed refit works is available upon request

Download St David specification by clicking here

St David Video is available to watch by clicking hereĀ 

To view St David’s photo brochure click here

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29M | MAIORA | 2012

  • 10 guests in 4 cabins
  • 4 crew
  • GRP hull
  • Range of 500 nm
  • Design by Adam Greenwood
  • Cruising speed of 20 knots
  • Fresh 2017 refit
  • Rich inventory of water toys
  • VAT not paid

Download Aubrey specification by clicking here

To view Aubrey’s photo brochure click here

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16.1M | MULDER | 2014

  • 3 guests in 2 cabins
  • Cruise with 12 guests
  • Aluminium construction
  • Cruising speed of 30 knots
  • Minimal use with only 200 engine hours
  • Unbelievable range of 1.300 nm at 10 knots & 15 L/h
  • Perfect and classy day cruiser and support vessel
  • Truly unique
  • Located in Marina Baie des Anges, France
  • VAT not paid

Download Silver Rabbit specification by clicking here

Silver Rabbit video is available to watch by clicking here

To view Silver Rabbit’s photo brochure click here west-nautical-invites-you-to-visit-us-at-the-monaco-yacht-show-15 west-nautical-invites-you-to-visit-us-at-the-monaco-yacht-show-16 west-nautical-invites-you-to-visit-us-at-the-monaco-yacht-show-17 west-nautical-invites-you-to-visit-us-at-the-monaco-yacht-show-18 west-nautical-invites-you-to-visit-us-at-the-monaco-yacht-show-19 west-nautical-invites-you-to-visit-us-at-the-monaco-yacht-show-20 west-nautical-invites-you-to-visit-us-at-the-monaco-yacht-show-21

Please contact us today to arrange an appointment or viewing of any of these yachts by emailing or calling +44191 478 9920.