Sunseeker Russia press-conference in Ritz-Carlton Moscow

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CEO WN Group Andrey Lomakin stressed the importance of replenishing the company’s portfolio with one of the most well known yacht brands, and expressed confidence that the promotion strategy Sunseeker Russia’s proposed West Nautical, will further strengthen the position of Sunseeker International at the European yacht market.

Andrey Lomakin said “the fact that a distribution contract with the West Nautical signed shipyard during a substantial renovation of the lineup: the beginning of the year was presented to the uncompromising Predator 57, and in the upcoming 2016 will soon 4 new models: 116 Yacht and 131 Yacht (premiere at London Boat Show 2016), 95 and Manhattan 52 Yacht (premiered at the autumn shows in Cannes and Southampton). This itself is convincing proof of Sunseeker leadership ambitions as the most innovative and high-tech European yacht brands.”

The key elements of the strategy to promote Sunseeker Russia will be:

  • A new attitude toward Sunseeker customers;
  • The concept of global service and support;
  • Synergy Sunseeker Russia and Group of Companies West Nautical.

“We would like to make honest and long-term relationships with the client, a clear fulfillment of all our obligations while providing continuous feedback and assistance in any situation related to a yacht.”– Andrey Lomakin.

Then the head of West Nautical, then spoke about the practical steps for the implementation of creating the concept of a global service and how we will support the Sunseeker Russia. Which will including the following:

  • Technical support 24/7 in Russia but also when the yacht, Sunseeker is in transit at any point in Europe.
  • Support with customs clearance, transportation and insurance of the yacht by the relevant departments of Sunseeker Russia.
  • Complete package yacht management, provided the principle of a “one window” based on Russian specifics.

Managing Director of Sunseeker Russia Kirill Shabalov announcement of a new distributor for the coming year. “Key performance indicators Sunseeker Russia for us are: customer satisfaction, both for purchase and aftersales-in process; customer loyalty to the brand Sunseeker and involvement in its rich history and achievements; as well as the index of repeat sales, as Sunseeker range is probably the most representative in this segment of the yacht market. However, for any numbers it is important not to lose the essential: the emotions and joy of the owner from owning a stunning Sunseeker yacht; transmitting its identity and making it possible to realize their wildest dreams; but also to be able to travel and have a relaxing holiday.” – Kirill Shabalov.

West Nautical’s Sales Director, Murat Urusov said “We have very close partnerships with leading European brokerage houses such as Burgess, Camper & Nicholsons, Edmiston and Dbeere Yachts, with their offices in England and France containing teams of professionals holding extensive experience in the yachting industry. We continue to build upon our experience, allowing us to effectively meet any requests from our clients.  Direct proof of this has been clearly demonstrated through a number of successful brokerage transactions for yachts, varying from 40 meters to 60 meters which have been concluded during 2015.”

“The most important task and a priority within the luxury sector, is to base our service on recognizing the customer’s needs, and delivering this. By working with shipyard such as Sunseeker, it is a great responsibility for us we not only represent our company, but their image and brand to clients as an exclusive distributor of their product” – Murat Urusov.

by West Nautical