Monaco Grand Prix 2015 with West Nautical

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We can’t imagine better seats for the action then onboard 60 metres “St David” West Nautical’s charter yacht in Port Hercule as you and your party watch the cars zip past the Kennedy Quay or around the Tabac Corner.

Widely considered to be one of the most significant and famous automobile races in the world, the beautiful setting for this challenging track makes it a fantastic venue for spectators. The Monte Carlo track is a modified version of the traditional GP circuit, cutting out Casino Square and instead being centred on the port. At 1.76km in length, and with 12 turns, iconic corners like Rascasse are still an essential part of the circuit, and, with the cars able to reach top speeds of 225km/h, will still present a challenge to the drivers.

The most famous car race is about to take place and what better way to soak up the exhilarating event than from the luxurious viewpoint of a yacht? Slightly set back from the action, Benetti 60m “St David” yacht at anchor offers the best of both worlds – the thrilling electricity of the race but spacious and comfortable surroundings in which to enjoy the sport.

For further information on two possible Monaco GP Guest Packages please contact West Nautical team.

by West Nautical