A Pioneering Approach to Professional Services in the Yachting Sector

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Our focus is to relentlessly pursue the best interests of our clients, so we’ve adopted pioneering new approaches to make sure our clients are always at the forefront of what we do. So, what makes West Nautical so different? Here’s our top ten reasons why:

A Next Generation Structure
Free from the costly operational structures and layers of bureaucracy plaguing many of the larger more traditional firms, West Nautical is free to model itself as a next generation business, with a mobile first attitude. We are nimble, flexible, mobile and global. The best possible market intelligence, brokerage tools, and marketing platforms have been selected to ensure elegant, seamless, fast delivery of our services

Free from the Burden of Tradition
Traditional yacht brokerages are under considerable pressure to compete amongst themselves and invest heavily in necessary evils that don’t deliver results or impede their attention on what is best for each and every client. West Nautical is free from that burden and we are able to focus our attention and invest purely in the most effective yacht promotional activities, providing our clients with maximum value.

A Broker-free DNA
The fiscal, regulatory and technical environment of yacht operations have become increasingly complex requiring specialisation beyond the remit of a traditional yacht broker. Our unique approach provides clients with direct access to a team of specialists, guaranteeing the best advice for any given client situation.

An Inside-out Approach
Our business was born out of careers at sea, so we recognise the tremendously important role captains play in the successful promotion and operation of yachts, and our communication approach and attitude reflects this. West Nautical operates a unique captain training programme and ensures that captains form an integral part of the West Nautical team, when it comes to meeting the objectives of the yacht’s programme.

Client Management Approach
Each of our clients have unique requirements, so we provide them with dedicated client managers to improve communication and streamline processes between our team of specialists, their representatives and captains. In a relentless pursuit of client best interest, our aim is to embody service excellence from every angle.

Streamlined access to expertise
Our client managers act as virtual extensions to the private staff of our clients in our broker-free environment. This way, clients gain direct access to unfiltered information and advice from a team of specialists, empowering our clients to make better decisions faster and avoid undesirable or hidden surprises.

A Small and Focused Fleet
Our team has the time and resources to provide clients with exceptional services because we keep our fleet of yachts small and focused. Every yacht we represent receives invaluable attention and analysis from our team of specialists. So whatever the yacht’s programme, we invest heavily to ensure the best strategy is in place to achieve success.

Flexible and Value-based Fees
We are nimble, proactive and modelled on the reality that each client has unique needs and perceives value in different ways. Each of our assignments is evaluated on what is fair and reasonable in the eyes of the client, with tailor-made packages of services and most importantly, fee structures to suit.

Meaningful Marketing
It is our duty to clients selling or chartering that we create distinctive and intelligently produced marketing that gives a precise representation of a yacht’s value. West Nautical invests heavily in a unique storytelling approach that provides a far greater level of detail than many other firms. And because we keep our fleets small and focused, we have the time and resources to maintain sustained coverage that delivers results.

Market Intelligence on Demand
We offer complementary market intelligence reports to all registered contacts interested in information on the new build pipeline, recently sold yachts and yacht actively for sale. Our aim is to position ourselves as the industry’s knowledge leaders and earn the trust and confidence of our prospective clients, so we are top of mind as their first choice when they are ready to take action.