Scotland Itinerary

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Fresh air, phenomenal scenery and wonderful wildlife – find all of this and more on a summer charter around Scotland.

Day 1: Shiant Islands/Portree

Covered in sea birds these remote islands are home to 1/8 of the UK’s population of puffins! The surrounding seas are teeming with life including whales and basking sharks. 

After you’ve witnessed the spectacular variety of wildlife on the island it is time to head over to Portree. A beautiful fishing town, this area is a great location to spot sea eagles and dolphins. 

Portree Scotland
Portree, Scotland

Day 2: Isle of Rum

The most mountainous of the small isles, Rum is a hiker’s dream. Nestled next to the anchorage is the red sandstone Kinloch Castle to explore. 

Spend a few hours exploring this picturesque Scottish village, you might even be lucky enough to spot the local wildlife, look out for eagles, shearwaters, red deer and the hardy Rum ponies. 

Eagle with prey Portree
Eagle with prey, Portree

Day 3: Tobermory

The conspicuous brightly coloured town is a great day trip ashore for spotting otters and local avifauna. Enjoy a round of golf at Tobermory Golf Club or take part in an organised walk or a photography workshop with Nature Scotland. 

Back on the yacht keep your eyes peeled: the local marine life includes minke whales, harbour porpoise, seals and a range of different species of dolphin. 

Tobermory, Isle of Mull
Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Day 4: Loch Spelve

A completely surrounded Loch, this is a quiet anchorage where you can enjoy fresh mussels while on the lookout for sea eagles, otters, and red deer. 

The most tranquil of stops on your charter, enjoy the peace and quiet before embarking upon more adventurous waters. 

Fresh Mussels
Fresh Mussels

Day 5: Staffa Island

The basalt pillars of Fingal’s Cave on Staffa Island were formed by the same lava flow that formed the Giant’s Causeway across the sea on the Irish coast. 

The wildlife on Staffa Island is predominantly seabirds. Look out for puffins, gannets, guillemots, razorbills, great northern divers, fulmars and great 

Staffa Island
Staffa Island

Day 6: Castle Bay

With a white sandy bay just around the corner, this area is known as Barradise for its beautiful coastline, relaxed atmosphere and friendly residents and it’s a known spot to see Orca cruising the coastline. 

If you enjoy a round of golf book a round in at Castle Bay Golf Course, or if history is more your thing, head to Kisimul Castle.

Orca whale
Orca whale

Day 7: Wizard Pool

Your final stop will be a visit to Wizard Pool, a quaint enclosed anchorage with views up to the windswept mountains. 

It’s a perfect location to spot native ponies, with the mighty Mount Hecla’s formidable peaks visible in the distance, silhouetted against the iconic Scottish sky. 

Coastline Outer Hebrides
Scottish coastline, Outer Hebrides

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