Norway with Grey Wolf

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Experience all the wonder and magic of Norway on a charter with Grey Wolf – marvel at the Northern Lights, wondrous wildlife and awe-inspiring scenery.

Day 1: Tromso 

Your trip will begin in Tromso where you will join Grey Wolf, meet the crew and have a quick orientation and safety briefing. 

Onboard Grey Wolf your focus is on wildlife, wilderness and unique experiences. Settle in and get ready to experience some spectacular sights and scenery. 

Tromso, Norway

Day 2: Senja/Andenes

Next you will travel towards Senja then on to the village of Andenes, the northernmost settlement of the island of Andøya, where you will pass through world-famous whale hotspots. 

The large marine mammals congregate here due to deepwater upwellings of plankton and squid in the region. To the west it has the endless horizon of the North Atlantic Ocean, gazing westward you can imagine the Greenland icecaps, perhaps the destination of your next trip with Grey Wolf. 

Wildlife to look out for: 

In the sky: Sea eagle, puffins 

On the land: Seals 

In the ocean: Minke, humpback

Senja, Norway

Day 3: Moysalen National Park

After breakfast you will lift anchor and head for the famous Møysalen National Park, which preserves the area’s unique landscape and wildlife, and is one of the few national parks in Norway to include both mountains and the sea – a breath-taking place to visit. 

Spend some time in and around this area and get a real taste of what this this area is so justifiably famous for. 

Wildlife to look out for: 

In the sky: The Peregrine and Gyrfalcon, as well as White Tailed and Golden Eagles 

On the land: Moose, otters and hares 

Sortland, Norway

Day 4: Raftsund/Trollfjorden

You will travel the spectacular narrow channel between Raftsund and Trollfjorden. 

The channel is lined with vertical cliffs and home to residential Orca; it’s the perfect spot to witness these magnificent beasts. 


Day 5: Reine

The picturesque bucolic village of Reine is a firm favourite with charter passengers and the perfect starting place for hiking and exploring. 

The principle town in the Moskenes municipality, Reine comprises the southern part of the island of Moskenesøya in the traditional district of Lofoten. 

Reine, Norway

Day 6: Digermulen

The perfect anchorage for hiking, fishing and exploring, tucked into a spectacular mountainous fjord, Digermulen is located on the southwestern tip of Hinnoya which is the fourth largest island in Norway. 

The island is so large that each of the four corners are in different districts. Spend the day hiking and exploring this beautiful area before heading back for your final night on board. 

Hinnoy, Norway