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Bergen: 7 Days Itinerary

The essence of Norway’s appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

Norway is a destination like no other and will bring you closer to nature like never before. A charter on board a yacht in Norway is the perfect way to discover the true beauty and wilderness of this location. Step on board and experience dreamy landscapes, amazing wildlife, and complete tranquillity. This is your chance to escape for a while, to embark on a journey with your family and friends and experience something totally natural and different. In the land of the midnight sun, you will share your yacht charter experience with few, other than the local fishermen and several species of wildlife.

Activities available:

  • Diving Wreck and marine
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Bike rides
  • Sight seeing

Day 1: Departure Bergen to Finden (100 nm cruising – 9hrs)

Your voyage starts in Bergen, a city surrounded by seven mountains. Before departure you may wish to explore this cultural gateway to the fjords. Bergen was founded in 1070 AD, and was the capital of Norway for several years. The city is a central point for Norwegian travel, and has retained a great deal of local character and history.

Even before your voyage starts, you can explore more of Norway with our Land Adventures. We offer a variety of packages at our main ports across coastal Norway. ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ starts in Bergen and takes you to some of the most magnificent scenery in the region with breathtaking fjords, rural villages and the spectacular Flåm Mountain Railway. These land adventures are great ways to complement your voyage and see more of inland Norway.

Day 2: Departure Finden to Flåm (45 nm – 4hrs)

Flam is situated at the innermost bank of the Aurlandsfjord, surrounded by steep mountains, thundering waterfalls and narrow valleys. It is easy to reach by boat, and you’ll see large cruise ships and yachts in the Flam Harbour during the spring and summer months. It is the starting point for many hiking trips in the nearby mountains, or to explore the Aurlandsfjord and the Nærøyfjord. The Nærøyfjord is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and is the narrowest fjord in the world.

The Flåmsbana Railway, one of the world’s most captivating train journeys. It takes you from Flåm by the fjord to the top of the mountains. Along the way, you’ll see rivers cutting through deep ravines, waterfalls cascading down the sides of steep, snow-capped mountains, and mountain farms clinging to steep hillsides.

Day 3: Departure Flåm to Nærøyfjord (20 nm – 2 hrs)

The Nærøyfjord is the narrowest and best known of the many arms of the Sognefjord. With its steep mountainsides, hanging valleys, towering peaks, snowfields, waterfalls and small hamlets, this fjord is perhaps the most outstanding natural attraction in Norway. The Nærøyfjord is 20 km long, only 250 metres across at its narrowest and a mere 12 metres at its shallowest. The surrounding mountains reach heights of 1,660 metres.

Nordfjord holds the enormous Jostedal Glacier. Here the fjord widens to the east and forges 90 km inland to Loen and Olden. The rugged coastal areas are a striking contrast to the inner fjord regions where the wind is gentler and less rain falls. Fertile fruit orchards and glacial fingers stretch towards glistening lakes and gushing rapids. This landscape has its own distinctive charm and you are encouraged to experience it. In the morning, we call at Florø, a modern coastal seaport that is also the Sogn og Fjordane region´s oldest town and Norway’s westernmost community. Despite constant changes, the city of Florø has maintained its special features. The small-town atmosphere is very much alive with a charming high street and good selection of shops.

Day 4: Departure Nærøyfjord to Lusterfjord (30 nm – 3hrs)

The landscape around the Lusterfjord is very picturesque, and many great artists have been inspired by the unique beauty of its scenery.

Day 5. Departure Lusterfjord to Fjærland (65 nm – 6.5 hrs) then Departure Fjæland to Balestrand (15 nm – 1.5 hrs)

Fjærlandfjord, located at the very end of the fjord leg and surrounded with impressive high rocky mountains, small waterfalls and the nearby glacier arms Bøyabreenand “Supelabreen” (a part of the Jostedalsbreen glacier) and the Norsk Bremuseum.

Balestrand’s has inspired artists from all over the world with its awe-inspiring natural landscapes punctuated by wonderful light. Nestled around the high mountains and deep fjords, you’ll find traces of English and German architecture in its villas. The historic Kviknes Hotel houses a large collection of paintings by artists that have visited the area. In the summer months, several galleries and exhibitions celebrate the art inspired by Balestrand.

Spend the day kayaking on the fjord, or take a guided tour across the Jostedalsbreen glacier. For a more relaxing outing, take a leisurely stroll through the galleries and art exhibits, or bring a sketchbook and try capturing the scenery for yourself.

Day 6: Departure Balestrand to Gulen (45 nm – 4.5hrs)

Gulen is home to the Gulatinget, which was one of the oldest and largest parliamentary assemblies in medieval Norway. Indulge in an authentic Viking feast dressed in full Viking costume, whilst listening to tales of the area.

Gudvangen is home to the Viking Heritage Festival, a five-day festival during which visitors from all over the world wear authentic Viking costumes and live a traditional life as in the 800s. This is also a great location for adventure sports, surrounded as it is by spellbinding waterfalls and incredible views.

Day 7: Departure Gulen to Bergen (55 nm – 6 hrs)

As the world’s most beautiful voyage draws to a close you can spend the remaining time, taking in the beautiful sights one last time before disembarking the vessel.