Norway Itinerary Bergen II

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Bergen is located 60° North at the “Gateway to the Fjords”. It’s a city closely connected to the sea and is a crossroad for commerce, for the extreme north of Europe.

Bergen is also a city that evokes the atmosphere of travel. Bergen is a center of study for Arctic expeditions and starting point for cruises to the Great North. Its architecture is characterized by colorful wooden houses with pointed roofs that characterize the Bryggen Hanseatic Quarter and give the city a lively Nordic air surrounded by crystal clear blue skies and spectacular mountains.

In Bergen, nature, art, culture and gastronomy are the true values. Be enchanted by inland excursions and visits to nature parks, or nautical excursions exploring the fjords. Take a ride on the famous Fløibanen Funicular which takes a few minutes from downtown up to 320 meters above sea level to see the extraordinary panorama.

Day One Bergen to Skjerjehamn

While in Skjerjehamn, “Gulatinget” is an interesting historical place to visit.

“Gulatinget was one of the oldest and largest parliamentary assemblies in Norway, thought to have been established in Gulen by King Harald Fairhair (c 872-932). Farmers came here to meet the king, discuss political matters, pass legislation and judge cases.”

Day Two Skjerjehamn to Balestrand/Fjærland

Despite Balestrand being a small place, there are several interesting places to visit. One has the opportunity to visit a glacier, called ”Bøyabreen”, or go and see the old stave church imitation “St. Olaf’s Church” or simply visit the Cider House where you will get to know how they make fruits and berries into juice, cider and dram. After there will be tasting of cider or non-alcoholic beverages.

Day Three Balestrand/Fjærland to Flåm

While in Flåm, we recommend you to either take the “Flåmsbane”, visit “Stegastein” for a beautiful view of the fjord or visit “Ægir Brewery” for beer tasting.

Day Four Flåm to Bakka

If you want to go for a challenging hike and see the beautiful panoramic view over the “Nærøyfjord” you can walk from Gudvangen-Bakka up the mountain side to “Rimstigbotn”. The hike itself will take around four hours roundtrip.

Day Five Bakka to Vik

While in Vik, you can visit “Hopperstad Stave Church” which was built in 1130. The church was restored in the late 1800’s.

Day Six Vik to Bergen

On the way back to Bergen, you can stop enjoying a wonderful meal at “Cornelius på

Holmen” in Bjorøy. An excellent sea-food restaurant with a unique concept

Bergen has a lot to offer, and there are many interesting places to visit. You can for instance take a walk in the old town behind “Bryggen”, take the funicular (or walk) to “Fløyen” or visit the ice bar. Bergen also has its own local brewery called “7 Fjell”. The beer is brewed using techniques and ingredients inspired by 18th and 19th

Day Seven

Departure to the Airport