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Why choose one dream location when you can choose many?


Your honeymoon should be a holiday that leaves lifelong memories. A luxury yacht charter offers the opportunity to visit multiple dream destinations entirely on your terms. West Nautical’s charter team are experts in planning and delivering unparalleled journeys, leaving no stone unturned in the planning process, ensuring a romantic journey you will both be sure to remember forever.

A charter of the Adriatic, taking in the remotest islands of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, followed by exploring the classic romance of Venice, from an exclusive mooring a short stroll from the iconic St Mark’s Square. Perhaps a more adventurous honeymoon is more your style? The possibility to spend time together in nature’s most wild untamed locations, in complete luxury, is something only a yacht can offer. Chilean Patagonia, Antarctica, French Polynesia or the Fjords of Norway are all possibilities for your once in a lifetime honeymoon charter.

If you want to bring guests onboard for a few days, then do so in style with your new family members or friends joining you for a few select days before departing to leave you and your soulmate alone to enjoy the opulence and serenity of your yacht.

Yacht crew understand the subtleties of how to deliver a standard of service rarely found today, catering for your every request, whilst not imposing. They will ensure your privacy, serve you in your style- formal or informal, and make your time on board an absolute pleasure.

Sunsets and sunrises to admire whilst drifting through gin clear waters, undiscovered coves to explore and exclusive anchorages well off the tourist trail. Know that your honeymoon will be a completely unique and totally private experience to share between just the two of you.