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An 8 day itinerary to explore Greece and the Ionian Sea


Day 1 – Athens through the Canal of Corinth to Galaxidi

Welcome to the capital of Greece – Athena, as the Greeks call it.
After an early arrival, take the opportunity to explore the seemingly chaotic, but fascinating city with its Acropolis and the Agora surrounding ancient sites, small streets with typical Greek architecture and charm.
Stop for a lunch break at one of the local taverns known for their Greek cuisine and hospitality.
Our recommendation for a typical food experience in a charismatic environment:
Restaurant YDRIA
Head to the port and on to your yacht to start your journey into the Ionian Sea.
Distance to travel 73 nm


Passage through the Corinth Canal

The Corinth Canal is the canal that connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea.
It cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth and separates the Peloponnesian peninsula from the Greek mainland and therefore effectively making the former an island.
The canal is 6.3 kilometres long and the crossing is a truly unique experience which you can enjoy with a smooth cocktail on the aft deck.
Dinner onboard your yacht.


Day 2 – Galaxidi to Kefalonia

This historical village and its port are located on the North Coast of the Gulf of Corinth.
Founded around 1400 BC, this charming town sits on a small hill 130 meters above sea level. Have a stroll through the picturesque streets in between villas and little tavernas surrounded by a sea of flowers.
Of interest is the Church of St Nicholas, famous for its carved wooden icon screen, and Ayia Paraskevi, where you can admire the floor for its zodiac circle inlay and a sundial in the courtyard.
Enjoy lunch in one of the local tavernas for a true Greek savouring and head back to your yacht for a late afternoon of relaxing on deck and set sail for Kefalonia.
Our recommendation for a perfect Greek experience is the restaurant Skeletovrachos, famous for its seafood.
Distance to travel 90 nm


Day 3 – Kefalonia to Lefkada

One of the most popular destinations in Greece, Kefalonia is the largest of the Seven Islands on the Ionian Sea. Beautiful scenery, blue waters and long stretched sandy beaches make Kefalonia a mandatory stop on your way through the Ionian Sea.
Walkthrough the picturesque villages with their typical Greek facade, explore the National Park of Mount Ainos and let yourself submerge in the Greek restaurants and legendary nightlife where they say Greeks never sleep.
We recommend to spend the day at Assos, a small village right on the banks of a lovely, small and picturesque bay at the west coast of the beautiful island of Kefalonia
A tour of Myrtos Beach and Melissani Lake is approximately 35 EUR per person.
Enjoy a boat ride across the underground lake of Melissani where sunlight enters the caves, turns the water bold blue and scatters rays of light around the whole interior. Take the chance to admire one of the most photographed beaches of the world and cherish the moment the crystal clear and turquoise waters become lilac and mauve on the horizon.
Onward journey to your next destination Lefkada.
Distance to travel 40 nm


Day 4 – Lefkada to Ithaka

Lefkada is known for being a green island which has kept its uniqueness despite all the visitors travelling here each year.
With inviting beautiful beaches and bays to be discovered by you in this small paradise, it is a serene destination with much to offer in terms of activities, sights and things to do.
Savour local food, cascades, charming villages and the islands’ famous bright coloured houses combined with the hospitality of its people make your visit to Lefkada a genuine experience.
We recommend spending the day at Eggremni Beach. A long beach with beautiful turquoise waters and the finest sand. As it is very long, you will be able to find a place not crowded at all. To reach the beach you can walk down via many stairs or by tender. If you choose one of the excursions going around the island, you can only stay for a short time. If you wish to spend the day here, the crew will arrange for water and food, as there is nothing available at the beach.
While on the island, you have to experience Nydri Waterfalls. From Nidri the waterfalls are a short (4km) walk, but the walk itself is beautiful. The caves are very small, but worth a visit and ideal to paddle in from the waterfalls. Halfway through there is a small bar for refreshments.
Dine onboard your yacht and lift anchor before sailing towards Ithaka.
Distance to travel 32 nm


Day 5 – Ithaka to Zakynthos

Home of Odysseus and Homer, this tiny yet beautiful island is surrounded by crystal clear waters. Because of its small size and rather difficult access, it is not a target for mass tourism; hence, it has one of the clearest seas in the Mediterranean. You will enjoy spending a quiet moment in a part of paradise.
We recommend spending the day at:
‘Homer’s walk’ – Discover the island from its historical heritage side and walk in Homer’s and Odysseus’ footsteps through history. Approx. 3 hours with a few hiking parts, but its definitely worthwhile as you not only get to see and walk through history, but also explore the island in a completely different way – on foot!
Gedaki Beach – Enjoy this unique white pebble beach with crystal clear waters bounded by a forested cliff. The views are stunning. Nature enhanced by a Robinson Crusoe style snack shack owned and run by a Greek hippie and his family, serving basic but excellent food (fresh) and cold drinks and cocktails. You have access to the beach by tender from the yacht or via a hiking trail through the pine forest.
Enjoy dinner onboard your yacht and then onwards to your next destination, Zakynthos.
Distance to travel 45 nm


Day 6 – Zakynthos to Killini

A haven of beauty and tranquillity, Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful and special islands in Greece. Even a very rare species of sea turtles appreciates that fact and comes here once a year to lay eggs in the soft sandy beaches of the island. If you can make it to the hatching, do not miss it for the world, as it will be a once in a lifetime experience.
Our recommendations to spend the day:
Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) – there are two ways to reach this unique and beautiful beach. Either via a scenic drive with breathtaking views or via boat from the seaside (to be able to do this, the sea has to be very calm, or else you won’t be able to reach it with the tender, so beware of a wet landing!)
Blue Caves – Exploring the Blue Caves feels like entering a magic world. You can only get there by boat which makes it even more unique and serene. You will discover the unusual blue water in which the sunlight plays a colourful game which leaves you speechless for a moment. Dive in and enjoy the moment of swimming in one of the clearest and bluest waters in the Ionian Sea.
Dinner on board while you head to your next destination.
Distance to travel 17 nm


Day 7 – Killini to Nafpaktos

The small town of Killini is located about 43km to the northwest of the city of Pyrgos and is one of the most important ports in Greece. History shows its fame for public spas and baths with a fountain of youth for the ancient Greeks, which has remained until today. Why not take the day to pamper yourself with a spa treatment and a bathe in the pure waters – when in Greece…..!
Lunch on board before sailing to your next anchorage.
Nafpaktos is a charming little port on the north side of the Gulf of Corinth. It was known to the Venetians as Lepanto, and became famous as the scene of the naval battle of Lepanto in 1571, which makes it a very popular destination to visit, as it has plenty of history and tradition to offer. Enjoy a walk through the cobbled stone alleys and streets, and taste the local food of the local tavernas. Dine on board the yacht.
Distance to travel 85 nm


Day 8 – Nafpaktos – Corinth Canal – Athens

Head back to Athens through the fascinating Corinth Canal and take in the breathtaking view and unique experience one more time, before heading back to the vibrant capital of Greece.
Arrive in Athens and say goodbye to your crew before disembarkation and an onward transfer to your hotel or airport.
Distance to travel 70 nm