Ibiza & Formentera Itinerary

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Departing from Ibiza , we have the first beach called “ Es cavallet”. Were we can anchor and enjoy the “chiringuito” Restaurant which is on the right side, or on the left side we have the other beach club, called “chiringay” and When the wind is calm, it’s worth being at anchor and enjoy the clear water.

Setting off from the beach, we will cross the famous “Es freus”.  From there we can sail to the left side to Formentera, or the right side which has one of the bests beachs of Ibiza ”Salinas”. In “Salinas” beach, we found 3 amazing’s and historic Restaurants. The MALIBU beach club, which is on the left side the Guarana beach club and the Jockey club. This beach is always calm with no wind, which is perfect for relaxation.

Departing once more, we are close to Jondal beach, where the famous “Blue Marlin”and the best fish rstaurant “Es xarcu” can be found where you can enjoy the music and food or relax on the left side of the beach, in the Tropicana club.

But if you looking for the best fish of the island, the place to be is “Es Xarcu”.

Anchoring in “Es Palmador” We can enjoy the bests clear waters of the Mediterraneand. In this amazing area we can anchor in front of the ”Pirata Restaurant or Es Moli de Sal”. Also we have many bays which we can anchor during the night which are close the harbour of Formentera and many Restaurants and nice clubs for get a drink.

Sailling on to another amazing bay, approaching “Mitjorn”beach. Why dont anchor and enjoy the nice club “Blue bar”?

Sailing to the other side of the island, we have ”Es Calo”…And of course, the best ”paella ́s” Restaurant “ Can Rafalet”.

The beaches of “Levante” long beach, not crowed and are especially nice for long walks. Were Restaurants like “Es Tanga”are available where you can ask the staff why there is a huge tree trunk in the middle of the Restaurant? and how this arrived Formentera?

Enjoy your sailing halidays in the “garden of the Med!”

Phone numbers of Restaurants and beach clubs in the route;


Cala Jondal

“Es Xarcu”                             + 34 971 187 867

“Blue Marlin”                       +34 971 41 01 17


“Malibu”                               + 34 971 396 580

“Jockey”                               + 34 971 39 57 88


“Pirata”                                + 34 971 324 064

“Es Moli de Sal”                 +34 971 187 491

“Tanga”                               +34 971 187 905

“Can Rafalet”                     +34 971 32 70 16

Enjoy your holidays and have a good sailing!