Dodecanese Islands Itinerary

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7 day Dodecanese Islands Itinerary


Day 1 – Marmaris

Marmaris is a holiday destination with plenty of bars, restaurants, shopping and even some waterparks. There is a large bazaar area near the sea front which is worth exploring if you have the time.  Alternatively, you can arrange a jeep safari or a dolphin show.


Day 2 – Symi

Symi is a quiet relaxing island which provides a chance to explore the natural paths and the fantastic landscapes this region of Greece has to offer.

In Ano Symi there are a few bars and taverns offering delicious traditional meals.


Day 3 – Kos

Kos is the third largest island of the archipelago, and the second most popular after Rhodes. Soaked in history and ruins, after a few hours of exploring Kos town’s fortress and the Asklepion (Hippocrates’ ancient sanatorium), you become almost blasé at sidestepping millennia-old Corinthian columns gathering weeds at the roadside.

The marina is purpose-built and shouldn’t be confused with the ferry port which is a few minutes north of the marina.


Day 4 – Kaylymnos

Kaylymnos distinguishes itself from other islands thanks to its picturesque architecture, long tradition of sponge diving and the impressive rocks.

Over the last few years rock climbing has become very popular here and many people travel to the island specifically for climbing holidays.

Kalymnos town is a beautiful little town, with brightly colored walls, doors, shutters and balconies, its streets are fantastic to wander around.


Day 5 – Mandraki

Mandraki is the main port of Nisiros.

Its lovely traditional layout and whitewashed houses give it a very characteristic Greek feel. Around the village you’ll find a variety of historical sites including the Paleokastro, an old fortress and the remains of an ancient city which dates back to the 4th century BC.

Pali is a picturesque fishing village and one of the oldest spots on the island. The village is built around a large natural bay with a beach close by.

A number of therapeutic baths are dotted around the town, and the cover of Lies is southeast of the village and is home to some fantastic sand dunes.


Day 6 – Tilos

Tilos is a beautiful little settlement with 300 inhabitants, most of whom are involved with farming and tourism. The port is located seven kilometers south east of Megalo Chorio, which is the capital of the island.

The locals are very religious which is enforced by the number of churches surrounding the village. If you feel like being more adventurous you will be able to track down ruins of ancient castles, which are dotted around.


Day 7 – Rhodes

The largest of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes is abundant in beaches, wooded valleys and ancient history.

Whether you seek the buzz of nightlife and beaches, diving in crystal-clear water or a cultural journey through past civilisations, it’s all here.

The atmospheric and UNESCO-listed old town of Rhodes is a maze of cobbled streets spiriting you back to the days of the Byzantine Empire and beyond.

This stunning place is divided into two parts: the ‘old city’ and the ‘new city’. The old city is surrounded by huge walls and is ones of the biggest and best preserved medieval settlements in Europe. Some of the highlights include the Palace of the Grand Master, the Hospital of the Knights and the inns used by the knights are all well worth a visit. If that isn’t you cup of tea then the new city has a massive choice of lively bars and renowned night clubs.


 Day 8 – Marmaris

Return to Marmaris where you will disembark.