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7 Day Example Itinerary


Day 1 – La Havana

Arrival at the airport and transfer to your yacht.
Time to explore after settling in on board. You will want to go out there. La Havana – capital of Cuba and your first stop along the road. Discover this audacious and contradictory city that is, despite 50 years of withering neglect, still  breathtakingly beautiful.
Get intoxicated by far away salsa rhythms emerging from a side alley while walking through the streets on cobble stone, breath in the sun filled air, let your eye wander over the full colour palette this city has to offer and join in the laughter of Cubans in the many cafes and restaurants that invite you to round up your day with a Cuba Libre and a local style meal.
Your way back to the yacht will be stained with many unplanned yet enjoyable stops, as you walk along the streets filled with bars making you feel as if in the middle of a remake of Buena Vista Social Club. Dance along. You are in Cuba.


Day 2 – La Havana to Bahia de Cabanas

Heading west from Havana, the coast is a mixture of reefs, beaches, and the occasional factory building. You have all the time in the world to relax and soak up the Cuban vibe. Anchor off one of the many beautiful bays, enjoy lunch on board and spend the afternoon snorkeling or diving. In the evening drop the anchor in the Bahia de Cabanas. You have the choice of either going ashore to explore the little town of Cabanas or round up the evening with a dinner on board.
Distance to travel 35 nm


Day 3 – Bahia de Cabanas to Cayo Levisa

Sailing westwards along the coast brings you to Cayo Levisa. Enjoy the day on the fabulous beaches on the north side or take on an adventure to the fascinating mangroves on the south side. Spend the afternoon at anchor with some diving and snorkeling or explore the swamps with the yachts’ tender. Benefit from the solitude of this place, the crystal turquoise water and the endless sandy beaches. A scenery typical for Cuba.
Distance to travel 40 nm


Day 4 – Cayo Levisa to Cayo Jutias

Still heading west, your Cuban discovery brings you to Cayo Jutias. With beautiful beaches in front and the mangroves in the back, you can spend the day sunbathing and swimming or with one of the many water sport activities offered on board.
A narrow causeway connects Cayo Jutias with the mainland. The reefs here are the cause for numerous wrecks of Spanish galleons having been scattered amongst these islands that invite the diver to discover their secrets hidden beneath the surface. Visit the few beach bars or spend the afternoon with a sundowner on deck and a tasty dinner on board your yacht.


Day 5 – Cayo Jutias to Cayo di Buonavista

Enjoy more deserted beaches, idyllic anchorages, and turquoise waters while sailing along the coast to Puerto Esperanza on your way back to Havana. Stop and take a dive or a swim anchored off the beautiful Cayo di Buonavista. In this part of the island you can still be the only one around, as the area is not much developed yet and still shows the true heart of the Caribbean.
Relax on the aft deck in Cuban style and indulge in the sunset over an unspoiled Caribbean panorama while heading towards Puerto Esperanza and Havana.
Distance to travel 28 nm


Day 6 – La Havana

While it is time to turn back to Havana, you can take this last opportunity for an early morning swim or dive in the clear waters and wave goodbye to the immaculate beaches of this part of the island.
Arriving back in La Havana, there is the afternoon for you to enjoy the intoxicating vibe of the city again and explore more of Cuba’s rhythmic capital.
Spend the evening in the city among the locals and savour an authentic Cuban cuisine accompanied by salsa music and contagious joy.


Day 7 – La Havana

Disembarkation and onward program at your resort or transfer to the airport