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The 7 Day Amore Amalfi Itinerary


Day 1 – Naples to Ischia

Benvenuti a Napoli! Welcome to Naples!
Here you are at the heart of the Italian Dolce Vita…Naples. Early arrival and transfer to your yacht in the port of Naples. After settling in and refreshment on board, head out to explore the vibrant and cultural pearl of the Italian South. Take a stroll through the colourful streets of this lively city and experience Italy and the Italians as they are, impulsive, hospitable and full of joy for life.
Our recommendations to spend the day:
National Archaeological Museum of Naples – A wonderful collection of sculptures, art and history. Room by room of a journey guided by beautiful works of art. A definite must-see.
Galleria Borbonica – A magnificent historic tour of the cisterns and underground secrets of Naples
Stop at a local Trattoria for lunch, as it is said that Italy’s best Pizza is made in Napoli. Continue your discovery tour through town and get soaked in by the Italian ‘dolce far niente’…the sweetness of not doing anything, while heading back to your yacht.
Enjoy a sundowner in the bay of Naples as the yacht lifts its anchor and sails towards your next destination- Ischia.
A delicious Italian dinner prepared by the chef will be served on the aft deck. Indulge in Italian wines, music and flavours.
Distance to travel 17 nm


Day 2 – Ischia

Buongiornio Ischia. Start your day with a savoury breakfast on board anchored off the coast of Ischia. This beautiful island and preferred tourist destination offers many options for you to spend an extraordinary day.
Either you decided to stay on board and take the opportunity for sunbathing and using the water toys in the crystal clear bay or you take the tender ashore to explore what Ischia has to offer.
With its history and culture, but also its well known hot springs and spas due to volcanic activity, Ischia provides the perfect day for every taste. If you are interested in history, you might want to visit the Castello Aragonese, high above the city, which offers a breathtaking view or take a stroll through the Gardens of La Mortella. If you visit the picturesque village of Forio, make sure not to miss Ischia’s soothing spas that have a cleansing and relaxing effect on body and soul because of their thermal springs and volcanic mud.
Find more information about the thermal spas in Ischia here
Lunch in town in a traditional Trattoria is a must and enlivens all senses. In the afternoon head back to the yacht and indulge yourself in an afternoon of tranquillity on board. Soak up the warm rays of the sun on the aft deck with a view on the coast of Ischia.
As the sun approaches the horizon and dips the scenery and sky into warm, earthy tones, you will find yourself observing this magnificent spectacle from onboard the yacht enjoying a cocktail while the vessel slowly pulls out of the bay onward to your next destination – the extraordinary coast of Amalfi and its highlight Pompei.


Day 3 – Ischia to Amalfi

Today bow to a fascinating history! Early breakfast on board and preferred early arrival at Pompeii, the number one reason one should visit the Amalfi Coast. You will find it more comforting to visit this historical world heritage site in the early hours of the day, as it can get very hot during the day. Even for non-history fans, this visit is a must. History was written here in 79 A.D. when the almighty volcano Vesuvius erupted and buried the entire city of Pompeii, Herculaneum and surrounding villages under a thick layer of lava and ashes. To be conserved for centuries and for you to discover now. Walk through the ancient Pompeian roads lined with buildings almost entirely preserved and feel the spirit of this place which still lingers within the walls, columns and mosaics until today. If you embrace your senses, you may even still hear the vibrant scenes of old market days, Gladiator games in the amphitheatre, merchants shouting in Latin or the cries for help when the people of this once glorious and prosperous city got overwhelmed by the volcanic force of the Vesuvius.
A day for the books.
After a memorable journey back in time, return to the yacht and relax at sundown with a well-deserved refreshment prepared for you by the chef.
Dinner on board and overnight in the bay off the beautiful Amalfi Coast.
Distance to travel 34 nm


Day 4 – Amalfi to Capri

Before you sail on to the next gem, the island of Capri, there is enough time for a morning of sunbathing, swimming or taking advantage of the many toys on board in the blue waters of the Italian Sea.
Enjoy a tasty lunch on board before heading to Capri in the afternoon.
Capri, one of the most legendary and most beautiful islands in the South of Italy, is waiting for you to explore it. With the yacht, it is possible to get as close as possible to the famous Blue Grotto. Dive off the boat and swim in glittering neon blue waters whose colours are of a brighter blue than a sapphire.
In the early evening, the streets of Capri invite you to indulge in Italian food, wine, the island’s well-known Limoncello liquor and some shopping in one of the many designer boutiques established here.
Distance to travel 10 nm


Day 5 – Capri to Sorrento

Breakfast on board with a view of the coast of Capri. For those who are still not saturated with the history of this remarkable region, you have the possibility of taking the scenic walk up to the Villa Iovis on top of the hill. This historic landmark was built by Roman Emperor Tiberius and offers a breathtaking view over the island and the sea.
Head back down for lunch on board and the onward journey to Sorrento.
Once arrived at anchor in the bay colourful bay of Sorrento in the afternoon, you can take your time to relax, swim or enjoy the Italian sun. If you prefer to go ashore and explore the traditional Italian town, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants with traditional cuisine that are waiting to be discovered by you.
Have your dinner ashore in one of the delicious trattorias with a dive into La Notte Italiana, the Italian night.
Distance to travel 8 nm


Day 6 – Sorrento

Take this day to explore this picturesque town on top of the hill with its immaculate view on Mount Vesuvius, the majestic volcano that decided the fate of many almost 2000 years ago.
Sorrento is known for its heartfelt hospitality and genuine locals. Take a romantic stroll through the cobbled stone streets and charming houses decorated with colourful flowers. Feel the Italian way of life running through your veins and enjoy the day with a glass of wine and a delicious lunch.
The afternoon can again be entirely devoted to swimming, water sports and sunbathing if you are not up for exploring the area around Sorrento.
Have a last taste of the chef’s magical creations during dinner on board and let the evening fade out with an Italian theme on the aft deck. ‘Musica, vino e la dolce vita’ – music, wine and the sweet life. Enjoy!


Day 7 – Sorrento to Naples

Arrival in Naples, transfer to the airport or onward journey. We hope you had an unforgettable time and your holiday in Amalfi could bring you a bit closer to understanding why we love Italy!