Chartering your own yacht with West Nautical means your vessel will be efficiently managed by a team that truly understands how to run a yacht to the highest possible standards.

We will ensure it is always ready for you to step on board, while effectively marketing it to our discerning charter clients, with the objective of reducing the running costs substantially.

Our approach to customer service ensures successful charter management of your yacht enhancing your ownership experience.

Yachting sense

Chartering your yacht through West Nautical Management makes sound business sense for many owners. In fact, in most cases, it doesn’t impact on their own use of the yacht at all. We communicate to ensure the industry is aware of when the yacht is available for charter, meaning there is no conflict with your own use and enjoyment.

Whilst offsetting a significant proportion of the cost of yacht ownership is the obvious reason to charter, there are many other advantages. Charter not only maintains crew morale, but also enhances the market value of the yacht by increasing its status within the industry; creating a yacht ‘brand.’ West Nautical will ensure your yacht is accessible when you want it and available to charter when you don’t.

Good for your yacht, good for your crew

From an operations perspective, Captains tell us every year that chartering the yacht makes sense. A yacht that’s not being used needs to have its systems exercised regularly by the crew and there is no better way than to use the vessel for what she was built for. A properly managed charter program makes operating a yacht far more efficient.

From a crewing perspective, charter is also very positive, giving your highly qualified team the opportunity to do what they do best; whilst delivering for a range of guests. The yacht is kept permanently ready to go. Crew are motivated by seeing new places and have the potential to receive charter gratuities.

Long term advantages

Looking ahead to the long-term, charter keeps your yacht in the eyes of a discerning market, helping to maintain her value and showcase her to the yachting community. Yachts that are chartered are maintained to the highest standards, always ready to go, and are well known to brokers due to having been on-board during charter events. Should you want to sell your yacht, the sales process could be far simpler.