An approach that marries best-in-class yacht marketing with West Nautical’s trademark service and specialist expertise

We keep our fleet of represented yachts purposefully small, so our team is able to dedicate much more time on individual yacht marketing than many traditional yacht brokerages. Our approach is to expertly build yacht brands, define the market niche, and maximise promotion so that yachts are ever present in the marketplace.

Ultimately, our mandate and responsibility is to manage the charter booking process on behalf of the owner, with the aim of maximising net income, control operational costs, and properly negotiate charter contracts. This is where our specialist expertise shines and our considerable knowledge and judgement ensures yachts are represented in a competitive manner, commercially effective and legally sound, whilst respecting the personal requirements and instructions of the owner.

Our services include:

  • Clearly defining our client ambitions so the end-goal drives our strategic approach
  • Visit the yacht to ensure a comprehensive and current picture of the yacht, her facilities and crew
  • Think boldly to identify rich and engaging storytelling angles associated with the yacht proposition
  • Concept big creative ideas to maximise attention and interest in the yacht
  • Produce all the necessary written content, photography, video and marketing materials
  • Schedule and execute a marketing campaign that maintains continuous market penetration
  • Liaise with the Captain on a regular basis to discuss changes in crew, new additions, or upgrades
  • Schedule open days and participate in charter yacht shows
  • Manage the yacht charter calendar and bookings
  • Respond to all charter requests and process charter enquiries in a timely manner
  • Actively follow-up on past enquiries to maintain an active pipeline of charter interest
  • Estimate fees for relocation, supply itineraries and provide information to help charter brokers close deals
  • Prepare MYBA charter contracts and manage escrow accounts where West Nautical will act as the stakeholder
  • Provide support to all charter details from booking through to successful completion
  • Handle all fiduciary responsibilities as per MYBA contracts
  • Manage all financials including advance provisioning allowance (APA) funds
  • Produce regular income statements and end-of-season financial reports
  • Maximise charter revenues