Captain Testimonials

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Its always a pleasure to receive testimonials from your clients and share their appreciation for your service, and we are delighted to share these from some of the Captains we have worked with.


Captain Mike Rouse – M/Y La Familia 

During the final stages of La Familia’s build l was tasked with finding and selecting a company to provide shore side support for full ISM, ISPS and MLC compliance along with accounting and payroll assistance. West Nautical were chosen due to their knowledge of the industry and their familiarity with the operation of a yacht such as La Familia.

Since their engagement they have proven their ability to deal with any issues that have arisen with a knowledgeable, flexible and above all professional approach to the yachts operating structure and schedule. The size of the company allows for a proficient and close working relationship between the West Nautical staff and the yachts crew resulting in a safe working environment for all involved.

As a busy world traveling yacht, we rely on strong and expert shore side support which I am happy to say, has been delivered by West Nautical.


Captain James Line – M/Y Be Cool2 

During my time working with West Nautical I got to experience an incredibly professional and supportive management company. I was always able to consult with many of their staff on any area I needed support or advice on, and working alongside the vessel’s manager and various other individuals we were always able to find solutions to anything going on. I have felt in the past with management companies that the support for captain and crew was slightly lacking and enjoyed the more personal relationship we were able to have with West Nautical. No matter the time, I was always able to reach someone by phone or email. Unfortunately I was only working with the vessel for a season, but look forward to hopefully working within the West Nautical fleet again one day and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest to any yacht owner to consider them when looking for yacht management.


Captain Nigel Bigwood – M/Y Liliya

I have worked with other management companies over the years and must say, in comparison that West Nautical have excelled in all areas with experienced and well qualified maritime professionals working in their office, (most of whom, actually have worked at sea), so they understand all operational aspects of running a busy vessel.

West Nautical offer good support and advice for all the current regulations, plus keep the vessel synchronized with the ever-changing regulations, to keep the yacht in line with relevant codes, compliances and conventions that a busy captain may not have the opportunity to follow in such a timely manner.

West Nautical are personal, professional, knowledgeable and offer strong competition to other yacht management companies. I recommend them to other yacht captains and yacht Owners who may not be satisfied with their current management or are just looking for assistance to manage their vessel.


Captain Casey Burrows – M/Y Ruya 

I had chosen West Nautical as our yacht ISM management company when I took on a new build yacht because I had worked with Geoff Moore for several years previously and I really liked his management style, which has now carried on through with the entire West Nautical team.

They have nailed down yacht ISM management, and made it very easy for me to create the safety culture onboard that I am used to and prefer to work with. They have been invaluable in the setup of the vessel assisting in creating all the procedures efficiently, and ensuring that the yacht and crew continue to remain compliant and up to date. I also admire the WN team as there is never a time when I am left waiting for a response and I know that I can pick up the phone at any time of the day and they are there to assist.

We’re looking forward to continue to work with West Nautical in the future.

Captain Jean-Marc Bitouzet – M/Y St David 

I have been a Captain for now 18 years and saw the evolution of the industry and participated and evolved with it. I have had a few management companies and I have to say that working with West Nautical has changed my view on having one. Working with persons that know exactly what is happening having it done before professionally either in the Merchant Navy or yachting helps a lot. When you call or send an e-mail you always have someone there and you always have an answer with the experience of what you are going through. They really are supportive. They also help a lot in the relation between the Owner and the vessel.

If you read at the ISM code and the MLC, this is exactly what you should expect. Here with West Nautical, it is not an expectation, it is a fact.